Julian Assange To Face Charges For Journalism, A Hate Crime.

Today is a glorious day in the battle for freedom from freedom of the press. For much too long, journalism has been seen by society as a helpful tool to provide needed checks and balances on government overreach and corruption. No more. Today, the oligarchy fought back and regained control of a press run amok, drunk off the liberty of free speech.

Rational people all agree that WikiLeaks’ journalism was beyond reproach when they were exposing Republican war crimes. Nonetheless, when Julian Assange exposed the inner workings of the Democratic Party, specifically that Hillary’s campaign colluded with the press, it became clear that it was now necessary to censor him, and all whistle-blowers. America simply cannot maintain order in society without an ignorant populace.

Hillary’s damn emails, along with her campaign manager John Podesta’s as well as the DNC’s, proved that the Democratic Party and her campaign worked hand-in-hand with the media. Two words: so what? Exposing that our media isn’t doing their job is un-American enough, but proving that they’re actually colluding with the Democratic Party is downright despicable. I’ll trust our press to inform me if and when they’re colluding with the Democrats. I don’t need independent journalists with a perfect track record of document authenticity swaying my opinion.

Chapter 7 “Why You Shouldn’t Read WikiLeaks” in An Inconvenient Douche.

Much of what WikiLeaks has informed the public about has been detrimental to the Democratic Party Democracy. The illusion of the United States having two parties with opposing views on corporate control is critical to maintaining the status quo. Despite mainstream thinking that the status quo is bad for society, there is elegance in the comfort it provides. Our society is much more peaceful when it knows single-payer is never gonna happen, or that irreversible climate change is inevitable.

Arguably, the most unreported revelation from WikiLeaks was that Obama let Wall Street, specifically a Citigroup executive, pick his cabinet. That same cabinet would later advise him not to prosecute anyone at Citigroup when the housing market crashed.

Chapter 7 “Why You Shouldn’t Read WikiLeaks” in An Inconvenient Douche.

Hopefully, you have never read WikiLeaks, or at least stopped reading when they began exposing Democrats. I can imagine no bigger hate crime than exposing the Democrats’ plan to ensure the Republican candidate was a dangerous radical like Trump. It is an undeniable fact that WikiLeaks helped rigged the election by exposing that the Democrats were rigging the election.

By far the most damning revelation from WikiLeaks was the Clinton campaign’s “Pied Piper” Strategy. The Pied Piper plan was to collude with the media, getting them to elevate a radical far-right candidate, hoping they would be easier for Hillary to defeat. That first part worked brilliantly. The second – not so much. Their strategy was well documented in a memo written to the DNC. “The Pied Piper candidates include, but aren’t limited to: Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Ben Carson. We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to [take] them seriously.

Chapter 7 “Why You Shouldn’t Read WikiLeaks” in An Inconvenient Douche.

It’s unfortunate that North Korea has had to take the lead on this issue, but rest assured patriots, the US is quickly making up ground. Freedom of the press has been a disaster. North Korea gets it.

Disclaimer: For the less than brilliant, this article (and all content found at DoucheLeaks.com) is at least 90% parody.

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